changing plugs on ST3

Help please I want to fit new spark plugs to my 2005 ST3, the LHS of the engine is a doddle but how on earth ( to put it politely ) do you get at the two RHS plugs ? Do i need to remove the cam belt covers ? If I do this, is there space to get at the rear (vertical ) cylinder plug as it is very close to the frame. The lower (horizontal) cylinder plug is accessable once the battery is removed but no plug spanner or box spanner will fit onto the plug. Help please.By the way workshop manual gives 20 Nm torque on one page and 15Nm on another which is right ? Philip Boobyer

Replying to my own question !! Taking off the belt covers gives you access but I can not get the plug spanner or any of my box/tubular spanners on the plug because it is such a snug fit in the head.Is there a special plug spanner ?Philip Boobyer

Hello Phillip.
Try e-mailing Clive the treasurer, he’s got and ST3 and may know, tell him I sent you!