Channel Islands - Poor representation

Just thought I’d let you all know, that as a new member and a first time owner of a Ducati who is as you’d expect is keen as mustard, drumming up interest in a local club is proving hard word. I’m not sure what it is with the locals (me being one of them) but when it comes to getting together as a brand over here its hard work. I think it may require more input from our dealer based in Jersey (Bikers) to help to jolly it along. Without a Ducati open day we may have trouble. The Ducati roadshow never got here which, from what I was led to believe, was Ducati’s decision not to come. For Ducati to expand into the smaller areas we need commitment at both ends, both from Ducati UK as well as the local dealer. Potential customers of Ducati’s in Guernsey are little put of by not having a dealer as they have done in the past. But I must say that my point of view the cost of crossing the 28mls of water to Jersey is only £47 return, and the dealer will lend you a bike whilst yours is being serviced. However, Ducati do need to help with a roadshow to promote the brand to drum up the interest. Any comments?

All I will say is keep trying, try an open day with the dealer or another event just to get a few people there and interested.

Maybe host a bbq or something similar? I’m sure that Guy and Kevin could help out re getting people to come along