Charging system

I fitted an elctromex regulator last year. Most impressed, lovely smooth 14v output right accross the rev range, unlike the standard ones which seem to range from 13-14.5v on a good day.

The battery did’nt seem to leak to earth to the same extent with this regulator either, and had an additional earth wire.

If I remember rightly this was achieved with an 80V AC output from the alternator when tested at 4000rpm - does this sound right to the rest of you?

I take it by this that you battery was going flat when left unused.
My Darmah SS will start from the button after being left for a couple of months. Battery charger only needed if left for a longer time. Maybe your old regulator was leaking current.



The regulators used on both the widecase single and all the bevel twins were actually quite sophisticated and if in working order are better than a lot of the aftermarket alternatives.
However they aren’t serviceable, but you can get a new one built into the old case I think.