Chris Swallow

In the Classic Junior Manx GP 2008 aboard his 350 Single

Chris Swallow had an eventfull manx GP to say the least despite retiringat Guthries while lying in 9th place in the Junior Race shortly after this picture was taken.

In the Senior race he Crashed at the Bungalow following an “Immature Mistake” , got back on the bike and rejoined the race. Problem was he did this before the Marshals had a chance to check the bike over and he was blacjk flagged at the pits. This turned into quite a spectacle as when the radio man went to see what the problem was the langauge from his Helmet was so bad they had to turn the mike off!!!(Live on air!!!) Eventualy they let him continue and he was credited the 3 min 2 secs in the pits and finished in 8th palce.

While waiting for the Junior race to start he actually appologised to the race officials in the pits for his langauge towards them, but I guess anyone would have been the same having crashed at the Bungalow and carried on!!!