Classic Bike Show 2022

The Classic Bike Show at Stafford happens on the weekend of the 23-24th April.
I have two ideas in mind, the second being a “Plan B”.
The one I want to go with is “Variations on a Theme of Pantah”, which will highlight the first of the belt drive V-twins and its derivatives.
I would therfore like to include an early 500 with the original shape fairing, a late 500 with the 600 shape fairing, a 600, a 650, an F1, a Cagiva Alazzura, a TT2, a 750/900 Supersport and/or anything interesting from the 2v belt line produced before 2000.
Plan B (in case I can’t get what I want for plan A above) is Ducati Sports bikes. This would concentrate on sports bikes throughout the ages.
For this, I’d want a couple of early singles such as a 175 F1 (?) and a 200 Elite. Some later singles, such as the Mach 1, 250/350/450 Desmo, 750 Sport/SS bevel, 900 SS (bevel and belt) an 851/888 and a 916. You know - anything with clip-ons and sports pretentions.

If you have anything that fits either bill, then please let me know asap so I know which direction to follow. Please email me brief details and a pic or two to
You could also call me on 01889 804564 - leave a message if you get the answerphone.

I now await the rush…

OK. A decision has been made.
Given the number of bikes offered, plus a development from the organisers, I am going with plan B - the sports bike theme.
Plans are well advinced for David Hailwood to be the guest of honour, and there are expectations of a concentration on the 78 TT and the Formula 1 win.
As a result I am going for a general sports bike theme, but would particularly welcome any Hailwood Reps, in the hope we can have a number of them on the stand.
Any other sports bikes would be welcome, and I already have several on offer, but would particularly like to have a Mach 1, a 500 Sport paralel twin, a 750 Sport or SS (bevel), a 900SS (belt).
Or anything else really. Get in touch now please, I need to finalise a line-up.
Cheers or 01889 804564.

Hi Spaggy

I’m convalescing after surgery and will be limited in what I can do this year, but I have both a 175 Formula 3 racer and a completely original and unrestored Mach 1, one of which I think I will be able to bring to Stafford. If either fits the bill, let me know. All the best, Mick White

Hi Mick.
Sorry I only just picked this up as I’ve been doing everything by email and phone. I have now got a full grid for the Sports Bikes theme, but wish I’d known about the Mach 1 earlier. Keep it in mind for next year though.
Hope to see you at the show anyway.

Thanks to all the hard work done by many members, this time we won the best club stand at the show award. Not just “best of the rest” but Best of All.
Thank you everyone who helped.