Classic TT 2020

Fair play Martyn.
I took Lolly to the Classic on the back of old Beverly when she was 13* and the amount of chaps who asked her what bike she was riding was unbelievable , at 14 she was asked what she wanted at the bar/s. She’s an absolute replica of her Mother.
She never wares makeup but just looks grown up, I’m quite protective of her.
*This year would have been her 4th Island holiday and the 3rd on my bike.

Steve R

It will be an Hou our and a pleasure to meet her. She is safe with us lot Steve

I know that Martyn because her dad “doesn’t have wankers for friends”, last year at the TT she met Keith, Barbara and William Fothergill as well as Spaggy…
What she thought was nice was they all talked with her as if she were a fellow adult, even after they found out she was my young daughter.

This coming week I’m teaching her how to make Carbon Fibre front mudguards for old Beverly and the little 250. I made the moulds years ago.
With my help she removed the forks, swinging arm, motor from the 250 and then stripped the bottom end.
Stopping over in Liverpool for a couple of days on our way home at my Ex’ Ruth and eldest son Bill’s home she said…
“Everyone seems to know Dad?” to which Bill (31) replied…
“That’s the price you pay for having a cool Dad!”.
I wear that one like a badge of honour.

Steve R

Ha ha, we will have to keep up that persona and it is the right one. Never seen you loads but the times we have it’s always been fun. Looking forward to it Steve. Glad you’ve still got Beverley, well you would, just so pleased for you Steve. Cool friend.

Re booked tickets for next year . Fair play to the Steam packet company they offer you three options what to do with your existing tickets . So all being well see you all next year stay safe out there.

I got them to refund me the cash, a lot can happen in a year.
The Steam Racket phoned me at home to ask what I wanted to do, which was unexpected.
But I’m still planning on being there next year.