Classic TT 2020

Hi anyone going to the Classic TT2020, I’m booked for the first half of the week. Be nice to meet up with a few DOC members

Just notice the return tickets are circa £150, not bad ! Liverpool to Douglas and there is still reasonably priced B&B’s.

Yep going over the 20th

Hi gregw916. We’re Liverpool 11am - 20/08/20, back 25/08/20. Not been to the Classic before so looking forward to it

I’ll be going over and stopping in Port Erin.
Not sure which Ducati I’ll be on though, I need to pull my finger out as I’ve two rebuilds to finish a '74 250 Desmo special and my 955 desmoquatro motor for my 851.
Still if all else fails I’ll just have to ride my old faithful '79 SS.
Whatever one it turns out to be I’m 100% sure you’ll hear it, these are three of the LOUDEST Ducati’s I’ve heard on the road.

Steve R

I have plans for going on the Panigale at the moment, if not will be the zzr. Looking forward to the classic as not been before, Douglas should be less manic !
I’ll keep an ear out for you :eyes:

Hi all
Nikki and I are going has been booked for a while 24/08 until 02/09.
Helps when you have family on the IOM.
Its a decision to either take the ST2/907.
See you there.

Hi to all those going over,

I’ll be there on Friday 28th until Thursday 3rd.
Actually sailing over on Thursday but arriving close to midnight and then sailing home early Friday morning. Both sailing from and to Liverpool.

Steve R

Hi must be on the same boat then 11.45? Classic is a Lot more sedate so you will get to see a lot more of the island.

Still not one I have been to, Ray has arranged a couple of meets there the last few years, I don’t think he can this time, where do you usually meet ?

Yes must be the same boat out of Liverpool, see you in at the dock side ! looking forward to it, I was at TT 2017 when the mini hurricane descended. Hoping for a bit better weather this time.

My money’s on the event being cancelled due to the virus outbreak.

Just have to hope it goes ahead. I packed a wash kit for your bike ha ha

Hi Paul,
It was my 851 that you cleaned, if it goes ahead I’ll be over on my '79 900SS Bevel this time.

Steve R

Great less to carry hopefully me and fake Mr R are on same boat God willing. Stay safe

Hopefully it goes ahead and if it does it would be great to hook up with you both but…
You both must try not to fall into my daughters Lolly’s cleavage. It’s funny as I get older how much I notice the guys checking her out.
She does love her Ducati’s and has designs on riding my race tuned '74 250 Desmo to the Island with her dad, when she’s old enough.

Sadly the Manx has been called off. So will have to look forward to next year now . Stay safe out there

No cleavage for you this year.

I was again trying to make it, never been to it, only normal TT.

Me and my daughter Lolly (the girl with a stunning cleavage) are both really disappointed.
IMO the Classic TT/MGP is far better/much more interesting than the TT these days.
I went back to the TT last year for the 1st time in a few years, I’d been going over for the Classic TT/MGP and the Pre TT Classics for the last few years.
Last years TT served to remind me why I’d stopped going before, we had a good time but the Classic’s are a better holiday.
The Classic TT is like the TT used to be back in the 70’s when I 1st started going over.

Steve R

I will take your opinion as gospel and I hope to meet up with you, I will keep eyes North, you cannot introduce your daughter in that way Steve !!!