Classic Valuations?

Got a Carol Nash bike policy which covers my 860GTE but the valuation seems to be a problem. They were asking for proof of valuation in the form of adverts but there are no other 860 bevels around for me to refer to. My bike has been off the road for over 25 years and I’ve now got it t&t and been riding it now for several weeks and put on couple of hundred miles - so far so good and loving it! :mrgreen:

So, question is, with photos, can I get it valued here or do I need to take it to some specialist or what? Any help/advice appreciated!

Taken on the Cat n Fiddle a few weeks ago:

Ok, I think I’ve solved the issue, Martin at Ducati Manchester has given me a statement to give to Carol Nash. Took the bike round to him this afternoon to say “thanks!” so now it’s just waiting on the insurers to see if they accept what was sent…

Fingers crossed! :wink:

Let me know if they need further information, see you down at Manchester sometime.


They do come up on ebay from time to time - it’s quite hard to say what they actually sell for.

BTW - your 860GTE looks just like my 860GT - same colour and everything, except mine has the original exhaust and only 1 brake disc.

Thanks again, Martyn, you’ve been very willing to help here, appreciate it! Still might try one of your scramblers out one day…

Hi Alex - these bikes were never very popular when they came out and even considered…er…ugly! :open_mouth: I love mine to bits and consider her a real beauty. Certainly gets a lot of attention when I take her out and with these exhausts, sounds awesome! Next best thing to Contis I reckon. Another big plus, other than having something totally unique in this modern age, is that I’m getting about 65 mpg. That really did surprise me. She’s very easy to work on but bits are expensive and hard to find often.

Does yours have the electric foot? If so, then yours is a GTE as well I’d imagine ie GT with the electric start option. Be good to see a photo…

No, mine is just a GT - no electric foot. You don’t exactly see many around here either - always a good conversation starter.

I’m quite surprised that you are getting 65mpg - last time I checked I got more like 45 mpg on mine!

What fuel are you using? I’m using only the premium stuff as cheaper petrol has the dreaded ethanol etc. Just got some fuel stabiliser pellets which enable me to fill up with cheap unleaded - it apparently lubricates the valve seats, retards the burning slightly and preserves the fuel if stood - perfect for older bikes (and cars) like ours. Will let you know how it goes.


I’m using the normal 95 RON stuff - I might try the premium and see if it makes a difference.

Anyway, here’s a picture:

Very nice! Looks much better condition and more original than mine, obviously hasn’t been abandoned for most of it’s life like mine has.

Imagine these two bikes travelling together on a run, it’d freak a few people out methinks! :laughing: :laughing:

And what a sight and sound that would be! :wink:

trust me - it isn’t in good condition, more like usable condition. It isn’t original either - a previous owner put on more sensible bars (rather than the mad original ones) and it has got a non-original (but not ‘new’ either) ignition system.

Be nice to meet up one day and do some comparisons, it’d be a rare sight to see these two bikes together, VERY RARE!

I’ll be wrapping up the ol’ girl for the winter soon, when she next comes out, she should be tax exempt, yaahooooo! :wink: