cleaning tank and carbs - MHR mk1 / similar 900 Bevel owners

As my MHR900 has been standing some with its previous owner - the inside of the tank has too much surface rust for me to want to use.

If I remove the tank what is the best way to flush the tank and clean the rust off before refilling with fresh fuel.

Also does anyone know with tank off whether that will give me enough space to work on the carbs. to get to those to strip and clean too - and what serviceable parts on the carbs and tank are best replaced to combat the modern-day “Ethanol rot issue with current fuels”. Mind you my service manual say to run the MHR on 97-98 octane which is SuperU/L I guess - where Ethanol content might not be such an issue?

Finally does anyone do a sensible carb/inlet sock for the MHR that won’t knacker the performance and running? - it might look lovely but it doesn’t look wise running it with no filter socks if I put it on the road in future weeks.

Any advice in this area appreciated.