Clonking into first gear (Monster)

I’m a new owner of an 04 Monster 620. When putting into first gear from neutral their is a loud “clonk” & jerk -as though clutch nor engaged properly. Any advice please?

It clonks !! I have a 600 and it does it as well, just what it does, I have had it a good few years and it has always done it, if anybody else knows different then please chip in…

Careful adjustment of the clutch might help, but at the end of the day the bikes fitted with a wet clutch and hasn’t got a kickstart where you can pull in the clutch lever and free off the plates using the kickstart lever of oil/drag before starting the motor like most Bevel (or any classic bike) owners do*.
So it’s probably just a case of “They all do that Sir”.

*I free the clutch on my old MZ every morning before kicking it into life and it still ‘Klonks’ hard enough to make it stall on very cold mornings.
This ‘problem’ gets even worse when the new oils thicker.

Steve R

Yes, a trick of revving it a bit when it is cold to stop it stalling, thanks Steve, forgot about that