Closedown of email addresses

This is just a short note to confirm what everyone should have known was coming eventually.
The server on which the email addresses are held is being decommissioned later this week, so any email will be permanently unavailable after that. Notice was given on this six months ago.
By now anyone using one of these old addresses should have switched to the equivalent so this should cause little or no disruption. However, if you do still use one of these original docgb email accounts, then I would urge you to log in and download any messages urgently.
If you have any “subscriptions” to other sites or regular correspondents that use the address for notifications, I would be inclined to change your email notification immediately.
If you need the data to log in to the address again, or if you are having problems with it, then please contact me as soon as possible and I’ll try to help where I can.
This message is being sent via several methods, so don’t be surprised to get it more than once.