Club & Branch Flyers

TPW have delivered the flyers, looks like they’ve done us a good deal by supplying 2000 of each instead of the 1000 of each we thought we were getting.
So they are now available to whoever wants them.
I have over-printed some branch ones with my branch details, and they work fine.
I’ve already send 200 club ones to Jilly for Horsham and local dealers.
Does anyone else want any, I can bring them to the CoM meet?

Yes please Kevin, three dealers and 5 branches, I will then distribute, cheers

I might be able to get the branch ones done for Sunday, which branches, what info?

I don’t have all the details but Manchester, East Lancs, Wirrall for starters

I’ve mailed all of the reps and the CoM, waiting for replies, what are the Manchester details?

The flyers are excellent, I have already sent some to ProTwins, CMW, West London Superbike, and Ducati Croydon. I will also be sending some to Snells (or I may call in there next week with the flyers.)