Club flyers for proof reading / approval?

Hello All.
Please find attached the club flyers myself & Tracy have knocked up as agreed at last Sundays CoM meet.
The thought was that we should have 1000 of each done
The cost is approx £200 per 1000, so £400 for 2000.
They will come as flat A4 and will need to be folded, this will allow us to photocopy the blank ones, it may be that we can have the general ones folded as we won’t be messing with them?
I think we should get these done ASAP for the start of the season, and for all the Panigales they’re going to flog!

There are 2 types:
One as a general club one with no branch info on for general use <DOC Leaflet Club 1.pdf>

The other is for use on a local level at dealer, and shows, this will have a blank potion of the rear page to allow for the photocopying on of branch info, I can do a MS Word doc template for this so that it lines up, (I need to check with the printers that this is possible) <DOC Leaflet Blank 1.pdf>

The third one is an example of what the blank one would look like filled in with branch details <DOC Leaflet Club 1 filled.pdf>

They are designed to be folded into 3

As this is going to cost £400 please can you all take a look at them and let us know:

  1. Do you like them?
  2. Could the wording be improved?
  3. Are there any mistakes?
  4. Can you think of anything to add, any service or benefit I’ve missed?
  5. On the subject of which bike photos to use, I chose them as they were the best look and quality images, (at least I didn’t put my Darmah on this time!!)
  6. Spaggy are we OK to use the ‘Bluming’ CAD images?

I will also check with the printers on margins and colours to make sure they will look OK prior to ordering.

Kevin & Tracy.

Images are here:

excellent job, a couple fo ammendments required - my comments are on the email list :slight_smile: