Club Racing on a DUCATI

This season I will be racing an 800ss with PDMCC and Wirral 100 in the mini twins series. For those that don’t know the regs there is a cc limit for air cooled twins of 810cc and water cooled at 650cc, there is also a power limit of 72bhp. The bikes need to be pretty much stock spec. First race is this Sunday 25th March at Anglesey with Wirral 100, if you are there watching then come and say hello. I race number #96 with Wirral. The bike has a full 1098 fairing painted in sort of 2011 Althea colours, Ohlins, 50mm underseat titanium exhaust, Woodcraft rear sets so you can’t really miss it.

If DOCGB want their name on my bike then send some stickers the bigger the better, your call for free advertising you don’t have to but I would expect a club like DOCGB would want to support racing as it is a Ducati tradition. Anyway here’s my blog with some pictures of the bike -

It would be great if you could carry on the tradition of writing a report for Desmo throughout the season. You’ll gain quite a few supporters that way …