cluth noise st2

Hi i am new to this site , i have a st2 with 9000 miles on the clock and in good condition, i know the clutches are noisey on all Ducati’s but this seem to be a bit too loud, on further inspection i can see the plate are worn on the clutch plate tabs and the basket has also wear marks, so i think a new set of plates will help with this noise.

But before i go to my local dealer can any one tell me if there is a mod that can make the noise quieter, i have read that adding and extra clutch plate helps but i dont want to do something that might work but damage my bike in the long term seeing im touring this year to the Pyrenees and the alps so has anybody got a cure .

Hi - you should definitely also consider replacing the clutch basket

If the wear’s not too bad you can file the outer basket and to an extent the inner basket flat. Obviously there’s a limit to this, but only you know how much wear there is. As for the noise, the stock ST2 clutch cover should have a rubber seal between it and the case, this makes them pretty quiet. If you’ve got a vented cover ditch it for a solid one.

Thanks for your comments look’s like what i expected (new parts) the bike has the original cover fitted with rubber seal i was thinking of having an open cover but i will keep it original.


A few Ducati DRY clutch truths:

  • They ALL rattle. It’s called music.
  • If they rattle too much, wear earplugs and let others enjoy your music.
  • If the BASKET is worn there is nothing to do but to change it. Some filing of the ‘teeth’ MAY prevent the plates from snagging but the larger the clearance between plate tabs and basket ‘teeth’, the more rattling.
  • NEVER mix alloy plates and steel basket, and vice-versa; it’s a recipe for faster wear.
  • Fren alloy plates are available from a German ebay seller at a reasonable price (around £95); there’s a couple of ebay sellers for alloy baskets.
  • There is a mod to quieten a clutch that has moderate wear, which consists of putting a used friction plate at the back of the basket, so you have friction, steel, friction, dished plate, friction, etc. but be aware that you will need to adjust your stack accordingly (in practice it should work pretty much as is).



Thanks once again for all your advice , i have seen the fren clutches for sale and barnet do you think they will be as good as if i just stick to original parts seeing the prices are around the same price, Any preferences ?.

I’m surprised that Ducati clutch parts are not stratospherically more expensive.

Clearly the advantage of using OEM parts is that they WILL fit (I’ve had an instance of an alloy basket with a slightly different prong design that meant it rubbed on the cover rubber gasket - I just took the gasket off and spaced the cover back on with stainless washers, giving me a semi-open clutch).

My experience is that most after-market clutch parts work; just stick with the ‘all alloy’ or ‘all steel’ rule and you’ll be fine.