CoM/2013 plan meet

Hello all, can we get a date in November to meet to have a CoM and also to plan 2013 events, some have made and some have lost this year, we need to budget to see what we can and what we cannot attend next year, I suggest somewhere pretty central if possible, lets work out a date first though !!

Good idea … :bulb:
Already got 16th - 18th November booked, and possibly 24th, otherwise free.
Venue - would prefer somewhere central, and near a rail station. The sooner the date is fixed, the better, then I can book for reduced rail fare. Thank you :laughing:

I am available at the beginning of November but cannot make anything after 18th as will be in Houston on business



November is ok at the moment. But not to far up country, as can’t afford the diesel!!

Cheers Guy

I’m OK for any weekend in November except 3/4th

Any chance that a date can be selected soon. I need to arrange my travel for business for November and would like to try and fit the meeting in but can only do so if we get a date sooner rather than later.


I’ll second that, Steve, I need to know asap so that I can sort out my travel arrangements.

Let’s try to get a date before end of this week, how about 10th or 11th November

10th November would be great! Where …???

10th will work for me as well

OK for me too.

Ahhh I am working on the 10th, can do the 11th or the following week, 17th or 18th ??

ah, the 11th may not be good for me (remember the problems I had returning from Spaggy’s by train on a Sunday???) The 17th / 18th are not good for me … :cry:

Oh, well when else, I would think it will be at Kevin’s if that is ok with him ??

Have we go this sorted yet?

Are we sorting this out on the e-mail list or on here…it’s like hearding cats!
I’m OK with 11th Nov at our place in case everyone’s not aware.
Kevin :smiley:

:laughing: Yes, I need to know for sure so that I can make use of the very cheap rail fare offer …
Thanks for the offer of transport to and from the station, Kevin, assuming that the meet will be at yours :wink:
Incidentally, the Guzzi club have their 2012 planning meeting next weekend …

Yes, the cats keep scattering !!! 11th November at Kevin’s is good for me, I do it on both Kev as some people use this and others e mail, try to catch all of them.

I am happy with the 11th.

Right, so…
It’s on for Sunday 11th November at our house.
I’ll collect Jilly from the station at 12:00 and be back at 12:15
So turn up whenever you like before that.
Our address is:
Kiln House. Brick Kiln Lane,
Gornalwood, Dudley,

We’re at the top of the hill on the right, opposite the MEB substation

01384 868844
07971 972866