CoM addresses ...


Please could someone (Spaggy? Graham?) please make sure that all the listed CoM members are able to recevie CoM emails and are able to access the CoM section of the forum? Once again, there’s upset CoM members around - last week it was Guy, this week it’s Chris Calton and Laura … :frowning:


I think that has to be one for Spaggy

… and needs to be done ASAP :slight_smile:
I know that various CoM members can’t get into this section on the forum, and they’re not very happy about it :astonished:

I’ve heard from Laura that I seem to be the only CoM member emailing her … and there still seems to be a glitch on the address (I noticed an advertising enquiry on that address in my ‘junk email’ box - goodness knows if there’s been any previous ones! :astonished: )
Please can this be sorted out asap? Thank you … :wink: