CoM at the Southern

Are we still having a meeting at the Southern, Bob will not be there so we need someone to minute the meeting.
I plan to be down Thursday and hopefully a chat before we start the meeting as we may have a few others there, on the Agenda I would like to discuss.

Track Days
Outstanding Advertising money
Northern Rally

Gavin has also stepped down from the position of PRO due to family comitments, we also have a new Northern Rally Co Ordinator, Aidrian Such will be doing it from now on.

Might be an idea to also email the CoM, Martyn :astonished: .
Sorry, I won’t be there, I’ll be on hols in Cornwall. An agenda in advance would be appreciated, so that thoughts / comments / contributions can be sent.
Don’t forget to invite Fi … :wink:

Hi One and All

Just to say sorry that I will not be able to attened the COM meeting at the Southern, this is due to Carol and I being on Holiday thet week, I hope that the weather will be good for you all.


It was my understanding that we would be having a CoM Meeting at the Southern. When are you planning on coming down Martyn? I could do with catching up with you for a drink and a chat.



It was my understanding that there would be a CoM meeting at the Southern. We have changed our plans so we can attend, so assume there will be one. Need to know ASAP if it is not going to happen as it is a long way to travel and an expense!!


Sorry but I will not be able to make it.
I have had to give precedence to something I organised for Nikki’s birthday, which fits in around a date that can’t be changed. Blame it on an organisation much bigger than the DOC.
However, I will get a report prepared this time (in advance even!) and try to speak to Martyn beforehand.

I will have a ring round this week end but as far as I know we will be having a meeting at the Southern.
Bob away again so we will have to make sure we have enough people.

[size=150]I will be there.[/size]

Could someone let me know what was discussed at the CoM meeting? Thanks :slight_smile:
And date / venue for the next one? Calendar is filling up fast …

Still waiting … :unamused: