CoM Meet at Sammy Millers?

Is the next CoM meet at Sammy Millers on Sunday 24th July?
What time?

allegedly so … but I won’t be there (don’t cheer too loudly :smiley: )

Yes, it is Kev, not sure of time yet, I would say late morning or lunch ish

I will make the trip as long as there is going to be a CoM meeting rather than a chat about the world in general.
Also assuming that I am not harvesting by then.
Sorry not to be more positive but there are a lot of events to do in July, several a bit more local, so have to try and get best value in the time available.

Can this COM date and time be confirmed? I have put off something else to be available but if the COM isn’t going to happen I will not make the trip.

[size=150]I Will come as long as there is com meet. Wanted to do this event for the last couple of years. But date always comes too close to wendy’s B day. This year is far enough away from date, so I can come.

I am going to try to be there about 10.00/10.30, bike if dry car if wet.

Should we say start at 11.30, an hour, lunch then finish off ???

I have started an Agenda, yes it will be a proper CoM meeting !!

I always thought it was the Secretary who set the Agenda, and the Chairman chaired the meetings … :astonished: :smiley: :smiley:
Please let me know the time of the meeting, as there’s someone who wants to come along to see the CoM. Thanks

Still waiting to hear about the time of the meeting … :astonished:
Also, reports - to be sent to whom and by what date? And has an Agenda been set? :unamused:

Please take this as my apologies for absence, snowed under with work which is not helped by this glorious sunny summer we are having (not).
Was really looking forward to the ride down.

so how many people are going?

Was a good but quite long meeting, minutes will be out shortly, well attended and a long way for a lot of people, next CoM meeting will be at the Southern Rally, time and day Sat or Sun am to be announced.

Still waiting for the Minutes from the last meeting so not holding my breath … :unamused: