com meet

And MAY I please have your reports!!


Did my report last night, I’ll be emailing it to you, Graham and Spaggy tonight :slight_smile:
(Do I get brownie points for that??? :wink: )

I will asume that the CoM meeting is starting at 10-00 so thats the time I will aim to be there, let me know if this is not the case.

I’ll see you there for 10am. If we’re early we can get a few pints in.


Hi guys,

I won’t be able to attend tomorrow. Here’s a copy of the email that I sent to Bob:

"Hi Bob,

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend tomorrow’s CoM meeting I will, however, be available for the AGM. Could you please pass on my apologies for not attending.

I am currently exploring the possibility of having a sit down meal and some form of entertainment for the Saturday evening of the Southern Rally. I am also looking at some trophies to be awarded and a souvenir for all the attendees. I am hoping to have some figures in place by the AGM so we can discuss a budget for this years event.

Hope the meeting goes well.

Speak soon,

Chris Calton"