com meet

[size=150]Are we having a com meet in on the 14th of March as discussed at last com meet?[/size]

I believe that Graham has this in his diary and I am certainly OK for it. :smiley:

If we are having a meeting I will need to know asap so that I can make alternative arrangements for that date.

I’ve got a meeting re the Horsham Piazza Rally that day (14th March) … and would like to be at the CoM meeting too

It is highly unlikely that we will manage to get all the comm together. Can someone please select a date so that we can plan ahead. We HAVE to have a meeting prior to the AGM.

I have the 7th and 28th March free :slight_smile:

Currently, at least one member of Team Hartmann has every weekend free in March (he said naively). Some tweaking might be needed depending on where & when, but no huge issues I’m aware of.


I don’t currently have anything planned for March that can’t be moved/cancelled but that situation is subject to change at short notice. Please let me know which date you decide on and I will endeavour to be there. Obviously the more notice I get, the more likely it is I will be able to make it.



14th is in my diary, 21st probably, 28th the sun will be shining, the birds singing, spring is sprung so I will most likely have somthing that needs sowing, there again if it’s chucking it down I’m OK!

So, do we have a date for sure???

Not yet, as far as I can tell.

Speaking of telling: What date can I give my branch members for the AGM, please - the 18th, right?


Yes Bob, the AGM will take place on April 18th. If you’d only read the other Topic about it first, you’d have known.


Alright, alright. Keep your shirt on.


Bloody hell, now we’ve got a Schitzophrenic on the COM!

to go with all the other inmates??? :smiley:

What day is the CoM Meeting, please? 14 March?


As I had recently recevied an email from Martyn, saying that the CoM meet would be ‘next Saturday’ (but not saying which Saturday!) I sent an email to all the CoM yesterday asking for confirmation of the date … and I’m still waiting for replies! :astonished:
I can’t make the CoM meeting if it’s the 14th as I have a meeting regarding the Horsham Piazza Italia Rally that day - sorry guys, given the choice of chat, Italian food, etc in pleasant surroundings (and not far to travel!) against the journey to the grungy room at the NMM it’s not difficult for me to make a choice on that level :slight_smile: It goes without saying that I’ll miss you all and your chat though … :slight_smile:

The 21st is out for me too, and I’ll be trekking to Northampton for a wedding that day.

Executive decision made (by me).
We’re on for the 14th as originally scheduled.
See everyone apart from Jilly in the grungy NMM room then. I will also inform the newly co-opted folks in case they don’t hear in any other way.

Well thanks … Is there an Agenda? I’m still waiting for the Minutes from the 2008 AGM … and the info for Desmo re the 2009 AGM (posts vacant etc.) I understand that others are interested in the Events post, so surely that has to be voted on at the AGM?

Forgot where I saw it, but can’t remember: What time does the CoM meeting begin this Saturday?