CoM Meeting at Spaggy's - Please Read

Dear All,

Laura and I have been offered a meeting with Immigration on Saturday, 6 March at 2PM. Rescheduling is a nightmare. This makes 11am at Spaggy’s for the CoM meeting the same day an issue for us. I’ve checked with Martyn and Spaggy about two options and seek your preference:

  1. We go on as scheduled at 11am on 6 March at Spaggy’s, with Laura and me participating by video link, or

  2. We bump the meeting one day to Sunday, 7 March.

Whatever works best for all is what we’ll do!

Sorry for the bother but hope it just adds an option for you as well!


Should the date change to the 7th - and if all goes to plan :astonished: I could make the meeting on the Sunday :slight_smile:

Just had a look at the Holiday roster & work roster for that weekend & I have one man off on holiday & I am down for call out, so I am sorry to say again that I can not make it.

Sunday is OK for me, I have to work Saturday or Sunday so I need to know by Monday to get things covered at work.

I am happy to do either day :slight_smile:

I am good for Sunday. I will be there

do we have anything sorted yet re the day? It’s the first meet at the ‘new’ venue for the Surrey / Sussex branch next Sunday, should the Council of Management meeting be that day, I will have to get someone to look after the branch meeting as I would like to attend the CoM meet.
Any chance of the Minutes for the last 2 CoM meetings please? :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Not sure if Scorch has seen this but we were traveling up together for Sat, I will give him a ring regarding the change to Sun.

Hope Scorch is recovering ok from his accident

[size=150]Sunday is ok with me, as long as we don’t finish to late as it’s a long way home!!
I would still like a bed for Saturday night, if that is ok.

Cheers Guy[/size]

I’ve now heard from everyone and Sunday it is! 11am at Spaggy’s on the 7th.

Reports? I’ve had none. Agenda items? It’s your meeting so please, please, please ship them in.

Minutes from the June meeting (yes, really) are being sent to Spaggy for inclusion on the Library page. I aim to get the September (Southern Rally) minutes done by Sunday - if I can find the notes I lost.

Spaggy - what shall we bring?!

Looking forward to seeing you.

All the best,


Just a reminder that I need ALL the items for Desmo 189 by 13th March … there were quite a few topics discussed at the meeting and the relevant points to be included in Desmo 189. Thank you.
PS. As we have to give a months notice for the AGM, I can’t really hold up the production of this edition.

Did you get the rough route from Frank to publish for WDW ??

Nope :frowning: