CoM Meeting At The PARADE?!

All CoM are invited to take part in the London New Years Day Parade! Graham took part last year - and enjoyed it so much he (and Jan) will again in 2010. This year’s event could be somewhat significant in that it’s going out on American television. Ever seen it on the Beeb? Me neither!

In case you’ve not seen the notice posted elsewhere - here it is again below:

It’s coming up on that day - The London New Years Day Parade. We have 30 Parade Passes for Ducatis to ride in this huge event.

I’d like to welcome all who’d like to take part to contact me to confirm. All Ducatis are most welcome - but it’s true the bevels are most admired by the crowd.

It’s a grand day out. All are welcome back to our place for a hot meal afterwards. We had a blast last year.

By the way, have you seen this?:

If we keep going in this direction we can get all the roads in Britain turned around so we can finally ride on the ‘right’ side of the road!


Dont know yet Bob, I may be working the day after !!!