CoM meeting at the Southern Rally

Hello all,
Please accept my apologies if I am not at the meeting at the Southern Rally, due to the glorious summer we are having harvest is over running a bit so I may still be cruising across the Fens on a combine harvester instead of down the A34 on a Monster.

… and my apologies too, I’ll be on my hols in Cornwall.
Hope all is going well with the harvest, Colin.


Sorry I to will not be able to make the meeting, also on Holiday.

have a great weekend.

Hi Folks,
Chris & I will be attending. Looking forward to some good warm southern sunshine. (I hope).

I’ll be there as long as the bar’s open :slight_smile:

Bar will be open, should make it a civilised one, will not take too long, we all know the main issues we have, one in particular !!

Please may I have the Minutes from the last CoM meeting, and also the Agenda for this meeting? (It helps when preparing reports!) Thank you. :wink: