CoM Meeting before Xmas 2008

I think we are all in agreement that we need to meet ASAP.

Can people post the Saturdays they are free between now and Xmas? I am free every Saturday (no social life…)
With regard to venue, can we stick with the National Motorcycle Museum for this one but make the venue of future CoM meetings an agenda item. Should the NMC not be available we can use my house as an alternative location.

Rather than the usual format of reports by CoM members can we have an agenda of specific items for this meeting. Items I would suggest for the meeting include:

Member details and Ducati Italy
Subscription reminder letters
AGM date / CoM for next year
Venue for CoM meetings

Please add your own agenda suggestions. I will send this posting out by email as well. I understand Gary is without a computer at the moment, can someone check with him to see what dates he can make (Martyn?)

The only dates I now have free before Christmas are 22nd November and 19th December as other things have now been booked. (Sorry, I have a social life … :wink: ) Your house would be a better location, Graham, as I know that Bob and Laura Hartman and Chris Calton would like to attend, and we all feel that a CoM meeting is needed! (Have you emailed them too, Graham :slight_smile: ?)

I would also add the following to the list of items to be discussed:
events for 2009,
my computer (I’m still on a temp basis and struggling with Desmo!) - its too late to discuss the costs for what was the proposed A5 edition for 181,
upgraded Articles of Association.

I’m sure there’s some further items too …

Also, I need to know asap about the Club’s Public Liability Insurance for an event next year - any chance of a chat about it, please Graham? Or a basic run-down of what it entails?


I am free most Saturdays but 22nd too close and 19th is a Friday, the 20th is Christmas do up here and I am working !!

oops, I meant the 20th! :blush:

Even more oops - I meant to say A4 Desmo, not A5 :blush:

I am not available on the 20th but can attend ANY OTHER DAY.

below are replies from Colin and Paul:

I am avaiable on the 29th Nov, 6th ,20th and 27th Dec. 20th may be tricky as we have the Manguste christmas do the night before.

Agenda items sound good to me but could we add “Desmo to A4” as well?


Hi Graham,
same as you, most Saturdays are OK, sorry,don’t have much spare time to use forum. I would like to have a conversation with you before the com meet about Regalia,

[size=150]I’m free every Saturday except the 20th due to work Christmas party.

I would prefer the Bike Museum, as I think it’s easier to get to from Cornwall. But then nowhere is easy to get to from Cornwall!

Our Insurance is with BMF at the moment. We need to discus if we re affiliate next year as it’s due on the 1st Jan.


Guy, thanks, I really need to know about the Club’s Public Liability insurance for a couple of events next year, please keep me posted. :slight_smile:

Just a thought / idea - ‘Desmo’ and my pc need to be discussed, also advertising rates (especially if a change to A4) so maybe have a ‘Desmo’ meeting with Graham, Laura (and Bob) and any other interested CoM members in January (I’m free all saturdays then) at my place? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input everyone. Doing a quick calculation I would say that Nov 29th and December 6th are the two best dates as we can have six round the table. I will contact the Nat. Motorcycle Museum to see if either date is available. To allow people to prepare I will take December 6th as the preferred date with the 29th as a second choice.

I like Jilly’s idea of having a Desmo specific meeting ‘down south’ in January along with Bob and Laura Hartman. I will also contact Bob to see if he can make the dates above at the NMM.

I will also send out this reply by email.

Graham, 29th would be best, might be driving to Italy on the 6th

Ok, OK, 6th will do me as well

Hi Folks,

just to confirm that the National Motorcycle Museum has been booked for the 6th December with the meeting to start at 10am. I will send out the Agenda and expected attendees tomorrow.

[size=150]I Take it it still on for Saturday? I haven’t seen an agenda, but I will be there (if it’s on)


Hi Guy,

I’ve just emailed you a copy of the Agenda - I thought you had a CoM address?


[size=150]Thanks for that. MY COM EMAIL ISN’T WORKING AND I’VE GIVEN UP WITH IT!! not pissed off with it at all as you can tell. If you want to email me use my email address, it’s so much easier.[/size]
[size=150]See you Saturday.[/size]


Steady on, not my fault!! :open_mouth: Please take it up with Spaggy at the meeting - I won’t be there.