CoM Meeting Minutes 6-12-2008

Ducati Owners Club GB
C o M Meeting 6th December 10am at the National Motorcycle Museum

Paul Johnston, David Knight, Martyn Edwards, Colin Darlow, Frank Nolan, Guy Gagen, Graham Stoppani.

Jilly Penegar, Ian Rumbellow

Meeting started at 10:10am


  1. Regalia
    a. Start selling regalia again through eBay etc. to run down stocks.
    b. Paul, Graham, Spaggy to go to Tim Macabee @ Ducati UK to negotiate what is acceptable in the future.
    c. Pricing Review.
  2. Member details and Ducati Italy
    a. Put forward a motion at the AGM to see if we send details to Italy. Frank to raise GLS to second.
    b. Wait and see what happens with other clubs in the meantime.
    c. Talk to Tim Macabee with DSC
    d. Protection of the Ducati Owners Club GB name? Colin Darlow to investigate.
  3. Subscription reminder letters
    a. Now back on track thanks to Martyn & Frank.
  4. AGM date / CoM for next year.
    a. Late April in NMM Birmingham, need to have two Desmos.
    b. Dave Knight willing to stand as chairman at AGM if web master role to be handed over.
    c. Club Sec. To be Bob Hartmann – unanimous
    d. Events organiser to be advertised in Desmo if no names put forward in next couple of months.
    e. Web Master needs to be suitably experienced, we will ask around.
    f. Laura Hartman now Desmo advertising CoM member.
    g. GLS to check other CoM members are up for re-election.
  5. Venue for CoM meetings
    a. Venue to remain at the National Motorcycle Museum.
    b. Second Saturday of the Month: March, June, September, and December. AGMs in April
  6. Events for 2009
    a. BMF Rally
    [list]i. Scale it right down small marquee and stay on site, bikes outside and regalia & membership inside.
    ii. BMF renew membership for 2009 – unanimous.
    b. Stafford Autumn
    i. No Spring this year.
    c. Bristol Show
    i. Fiona to run
    d. Northern Rally
    i. Martyn to run
    e. Southern Rally
    i. Chris Calton
    f. Eastern Rally
    i. Possibility - Colin Darlow
    g. Welsh Rally
    i. Last one this year – 4 days weekend after May bank holiday.
    h. MAG event?
    i. Farm yard? Guy to investigate
    i. Derbyshire Dash
    i. Barry Jones to Organise in 2009
    j. Manchester Bike Show
    i. Cost equals £100
    k. Beaulieu – or similar
    i. Jilly Penegar
    l. Thundersprint
    i. Martyn Edwards
    m. Cholmondley (?)
    i. Steve Rose
    n. Red Way Round
    i. Agreed this is worth exploring with Ducati UK etc.
    o. Xmas Party @ Italsport 20th December
    p. Isle of Mann TT
    i. Hold the 2009 event at the Creg Ney Ba Hotel.
    ii. Hotel owners free joint membership.
    iii. GLS to contact Gregory from MCN re IoM TT
    iv. Spaggy to organise.
    v. Big need for publicity Paul J to have some involvement[/list:u]
  7. Computer for Desmo editor
    a. Agreed Spaggy to purchase £350 PC for Jilly - agreed unanimous
    b. Agreed £70 for external drive- agreed unanimous
    c. Agreed computer support software from Spaggy- agreed unanimous
  8. Upgraded Articles of Association.
    a. Ensure that A of A up to date on the web – GLS to get from Andrew to Spaggy.
  9. DOC website and e-mail system
    a. Give Memsec to ProtX and Paypal – Spaggy
    b. Email Mailwasher programme not a success.
    c. Email list software no longer available KR looking at new software.
    d. Add “doc.” To the front of all email addresses i.e.
    e. All CoM email correspondence to go via the forum or the forum send a private message routine. This way CoM members can use their own private email addresses or not.

Meeting ended 13:00pm

“Desmo to A4” and other Desmo related items to be deferred until January

Thanks for the update, Graham, much appreciated.

I note that it’s suggested that all CoM correspondence is to be sent via the forum. Might be an idea to let all members of the CoM know as I’m sure there are some who are uanaware that they have CoM access to the forum …Maybe some clarification re CoM members who have access too?

Events update - there won’t be a Motorcycle World at Beaulieu in 2009 as you will read in Desmo 181. However, I am organising the motorcycle side of Piazza Italia Rally, Horsham, in 2009, and Bob Hartmann will be looking after the DOC GB entry. (It will be held on Good Friday, possibly Easter Saturday too, depending on how many clubs and bikes apply.) One of the newer members, Paul ??? has offered to do club stands at the Ace Cafe Run and Brightonia events.

Thank you for the help re the computer, it’s been a real struggle to produce the past couple of Desmos since my pc collapsed.

Events - two or three guys on the forum are keen to help, each taking on an area of the UK in order to co-ordinat club equipment, helpers, etc. (I have asked them to email Graham.)

Right, I’m off to recover from a long weekend looking after my grand-daughter (Spaggy managed to phone right at the time I was taking her to see Father Christmas …!) and the Surrey / Sussex Christmas lunch today.


Too slow off the mark their Jilly, you should have handed the phone over and told her it was Santa calling! :smiley:

Thank you, I now have that vision of Spaggy - complete with beard, stunning red outfit and back boots - in my mind :smiley:

A world first as Santa models the ‘Chrimbo Collection’ from Dainese. :smiley:


Surely the DOC GB Chrimbo Collection??? :wink: