CoM Meeting Report

Terrific day at Sammy’s. Job well done to all who made such an effort on behalf of the Club, most notably Gary Jenkins and Chris Calton.

The only quasi official business to take place prior to the CoM meeting was threat of a lawsuit made to me as Club Secretary over an accusation of libel made by a DOC CoM member. Upon examination of the offending information I advised the complainant it was not DOCGB club business and suggested the matter be resolved privately; a view which was accepted.

This had to be reflected to the CoM, in case it flairs up again. I would like to take this opportunity to remind Club officials to take care in personal actions that might reflect unkindly on the DOCGB. It wasn’t pleasant and I do not expect to hear any more about it.


The following attended a CoM Meeting at Sammy Miller’s Museum MotoItalia Extravaganza at noon: Chris Calton, Colin Darlow, Fred Ellis, Kevin Baker, Laura Hartmann and Bob Hartmann. Jilly Penegar, the only member to have submitted a report in advance, was in attendance later in the afternoon. Fiona Walker was invited in the interest of Advertising (open due to resignation), but did not attend.

Martyn Edwards sent apologies in advance. Frank Nolan, Chris Peters, Graham Stoppani, Spaggy, Gavin Scott-Brooker, Ian Rumbelow and Guy Gagen were missed.

All who attended reported no issues or problems with their roles. We decided it was not then necessary to phone Martyn; that a quick report would be sufficient. The only matters arising were:

  1. Regalia: What is the status?

  2. Events: Fred would like permission to be reimbursed £20 for a gift he presented to the TNT courier who has been assisting the Club in transporting banners so efficiently and affordably. We voted in favour and directed him to Graham Stoppani for a cheque and our thanks.

  3. It was resolved that the Club benefits significantly from CoM member attendance at Events for public relations and, of course, holding CoM meetings at such events is convenient and cost effective.


Bob Hartmann

Thanks very much Bob, I will be at the Southern Rally, I am sure we will all speak beforehand. The meetings should be better attended, I will get a membership update and a Public relations update and forward on to everybody.

Lets hope the fallout from the DSC encourages more members and the correct ones. Some forums will run and run with this.

Do I get a house point for submitting a report??? :laughing:
Just to let you know that I won’t be able to attend the CoM meeting at the Southern Rally as I will be on holiday …However, if all goes to plan, I will be calling in to the Rally on the Friday en route for Cornwall.