comfy seat

Has anyone improved the comfort of their monster seat?
The trip down to the Southern Rally highlighted the fact that the seat got uncomfortable before I needed to stop for fuel.
Would a gel pad on top of the standard seat do the trick? or is a Corbin/Bagster replacement needed.
I’m 6 foot and its a 900 ie.

Hello Colin, my 900Sie seat isn’t particularly comfy either, no better than the Darmah in fact!
Not sure about a better one, you could try PP seating in Brum, they do recovers, & refoams with gel inserts, they re-covered mine last winter, but I didn’t bother with the gel, I wish I had now!
Be warned though they are slow, they quoted 6 weeks to do mine, then took 9 weeks to do it

I picked up a genuine Ducati “Comfort touring” seat on E-bay it was much better than the original on the 200 mile trip to Sammy Millers but I still think things could be a bit better, glad I didn’t have to pay the original price though!

Can now confirm that after the trip to Italy the Ducati Comfort seat is about as good as you will get, or at least it is for my bum!
One slight problem, in the heat of Italy the gel pad you sit on heats up and retains the heat, leading to roasted “bits” by the time I got the five miles back to the hotel!

I think you might have had the “Roasted Bits” problem with any seat if it’s coloured Black.
30+ years ago when I used to ride my 900SS Bevel to the Bol D’or in the South of France, my mates and I thought the white seats that the French used were a bit “Naff”
it wasn’t long before some of my mates had the seats of their bikes covered in white vinyl… :wink:
I personally never buy a Black crash helmet for the same reasons!

On the comfort seat pad front, on my '92 851 I’ve got a Corbin (USA) seat fitted and it’s the most comfortable seat I’ve ever used, if they make one for whatever model I’d recommend it.

Steve R

It was the gel bit that retained the heat, Guy on the pillion was reasonably OK (38 degrees!) the difference in temp between the pillion seat and the riders gel pad after 5 miles was startling.

I don’t doubt it mate,
but I think the heat absorbed from the sun in the black seat cover transfered into the gel pad, as liquid tends to retain heat longer than gas…
As in the air held inside the normal seats foam.

Steve R