confused !?

hi all ,just a little confused over what i ve actually bought ! :confused: its a 1990 paso 906 ,in fine fettle (i think ) but foot brake and gearchange lever are marked with cagiva and the silencers have little elephants on them .
So do i have a ducati that was made in the Cagiva era or a ducati that is in disguise ? :smiley: fine motor either way
any help /advice greatly appreciated .
ps its my first ducati so please dont take the p**s too much cheers
happy new year to one and all !! :smiley:

Welcome and a nice bike always wanted one. As you say it is a Ducati made during the Cagiva era nothing to worry about several famous Ducati marks were born in this era. Timbo et al will be along shortly to ay more. Timbo has a cracking one also. See you are in the Cheshire area so meet up on the 2nd Weds of the month at the Bickerton Poacher by Chester or ride outs 3rd Sunday of the Month from Chester area.

748 and 916 are adorned with little elephants, I had a 750 Paso and the buggers were all over, superb logo, check out the clubs rude elephant T-Shirt it would be perfect for you !!

Good cheap all year round bikes too as the head studs son’t break on them like the monsters and SS range when used in cold conditions. More modern carbs are easily fitted from the SS range if the webbers give touble, and I’m guessing they wouldent suffer from carb iceing once fitted either due to the fairings?

Only worry would be the digplex ignition box, as i imagine they are rocking horse poo and cost a fortune, which is why I converted mine many years ago to lucas rita ignition!

What size wheels do you have on it?

Love another one!

hi keef
Still on the 16 " wheels ,unfortunatly not ridden it much but seems ok ,got everything working so just waiting for better weather before MOT , this lucas rita ignition ,is it still available ? would it be a worthwhile investment ? cheers :smiley:

Fraid the Lucas rita is a bit of a blast from the past, and a bridge best crossed only when neccesary, although at least it means if the worst happens with the digi box their are ways round the problem! Their is an old write up on converting a Paso engine at

I’d start keeping an eye open for tyres now if I were you and snap up any you find (unlesss anyone knows different!??) or even befriend a local with a lathe and get yourself some 17" wheels!

Hi one and all I pose this question for a French pal of mine. He has a 1990 750s which I think means that it’s a paso!! He needs a fuel tap for it . How can I get one for him? He is a good friend and I said that I’ll try and find one for him,as the French DOC don’t seem able to. Mick M.

Mick Hello
Tim here nice to see a fellow Paso owner I have a 92 907 and I am reliably informed by Spaggy the 907 is not a Paso!!! but anyway,you can source most bits and loads of info at again is a world wide forum and has loads of Paso boffins to help out.
The only problem for you may be the sixteen inch rims which its becoming harder to get tyres for now,you can still get them but its a matter of looking very hard to find where.
The 907 has 17inch rims so could always modify bike that way.I took mine to the IOM last year and do still use her regularly she was at the classic bike show in October on our stand.Great bikes and now becoming quite rare to find a good one.
Theres a 750 Paso on e-bay at mo very low mileage and in good condition for £3500 seems a bit pricey to me
Cheers Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
The Wirral a great place to live
Hopefully see you at a branch meet sometime

spotted that 750 paso on e bay thought it on the expensive side as well
,but if people are prepared to pay it … :slight_smile:
was wondering if any one had a good picture of the cagiva " elefant logo " was thinking of incorporating it into my respray design .
cheers :wink: