Considering a duc advice is needed!

Hi my names Kev but people call me Fuzzy! I’ve seen a couple of gorgeous ducatis for sale. I’m highly interested in owning one having seen my deal on an MV fall through the floor.

Now the only thing that’s stopping me from putting my hard earned cash down on either of the 2 options I want is cost and reliability.

So the 2 options I’m looking at are; 848 (not the Evo) and the 848 Streetfighter.

What I need to know is, what are the costs of keeping her on the road… (Tires, services, etc.)
What are they like in terms of reliability. Reason I’m asking about this is that it’s going to be a 4,000 mile a year daily rider and only mode of transport which will have to get me to work and back 5 days a week with the odd Sunday blast and long distance rides.

If it helps I’m 24, living in the UK with the nearest Duc dealer being over 100 miles away.

After finding out about the costs of the MV I don’t want to put my money down to find out it has to go to the main dealer for tyres and not one workshop in the area was willing to touch them.

Hi Fuzzy, and welcome to the Club.

It would help to know whereabouts you are in the UK so that people can advise re. dealers and independents. Some areas are better supplied than others, and some dealerships can charge stratospheric hourly rates (£100 + VAT in London!).

As I own neither of your target bikes I’ll let others provide their views; it’s also worthwhile researching through other forums, not forgetting that people will far more readily list problems than good points.

Am in the Peterboroug area. I believe the nearest main dealer is seastar superbikes with independent being JB Bikes, C&A superbikes and Wheels Supercenter.

Being a new rider (have only been riding for a year) it’s proving difficult to arrange a test ride! Have tried the 848 on for size and feel which felt great if a little uncomfortable on the wrists.