contacting ducati

does any body know how to contact ducati directly, i have a porous head on my 2011 multistrada i have read that it may be a manufacturing problem and the dealer i brought the bike from is reluctant to help.

It usually does go through the dealers first, Ducati, like most manufacturers use loyalty to gauge any good will, service history, dealer ice etc etc. me and I will see if I can help.

the bike has a fully service history and has been looked after by moto rapido

unusual for Moto Rapido not to be helpful …

I’d like contact details too please, my 1198S has sprung a leak, a common fault it appears & Ducati has superseded my radiator with a modified one & have been replacing it under goodwill in the States for bikes outside of warranty.
I spoke with St Neots M/Cycles & they said they weren’t aware of a problem with the 848. 1098 & 1198 radiator & I should contact Ducati directly if I wanted goodwill assistance with a replacement radiator.

All warranty has to go through the dealer as far as I know, that is how Ducati deal with it, again for any goodwill they look at brand loyalty and service history.

I contacted Ducati UK via their website late yesterday evening & had Ducati Customer service from Italy contact me this morning. Very impressed with the speed of response & their willingness to help rather than give a “the bikes out of warranty, so you need to buy a radiator etc” reply. The bike is out of warranty & has full dealer service history, not sure how brand loyalty works or is defined? Will they say no because I declared ownership of a CR250 motorcrosser & CR 500 supermoto? :wink:
Work in progress at the moment regarding the radiator

sounds quite promising so far … :wink:

She was lovely to talk to as well ha ha

Great stuff, they are usually very good but each case is based on merit and other criteria, the best advise is do it right, be polite and factual. They do really try to help.

The nice lady from Ducati said there wasn’t a recall (& she wasn’t able to explain the reason for the change to the radiator for later models) so I should take my bike to the dealers & they can contact a service rep to inspect the radiator.
Feel like I’m going round in circles but I’ll remove the fairings & van the bike to the dealers, hopefully my tale of woe with this & other issues I’ve had with the bike will pull their heart strings…

Hope you’re keeping a record of all the conversations etc, Andy, always useful …

All sorted.
The old fella at St Neots Motorcycles (& Ducati) turned up trumps, radiator replaced under goodwill only paid for fitment & coolant.

That’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

Always get on with the dealer, goodwill is at discretion, very pleased you got it sorted.