Copyright Issues

I thought I would start off a thread for this on the forum. If anyone hasn’t received the email I sent out this afternoon on the subject please let me know and I’ll send it on.

All correspondence received, and I congratulate you on an excellent job so far Graham.
For what its worth, I did a bit of checking back on history, and can report the following.
The regalia scheme was started in 1978, when what we now refer to as the F2 logo (860/Pantah type) was in use. We used this logo on club teeshirts and sweatshirts for many years without any issue from any importer.
I took over running the regalia in 1993, and we started using various Ducati logos in 1994 (such as the Winged D, F1, F2, and Hawk, on a variety of regalia items. This continued on a larger and larger scale until I passed it over to Mike Woodford in 1998.

Regalia sales declined a bit after that, but we still continued to use the logos without query from Ducati UK (who took over as importers in 1999) or the factory. In fact, the subject was raised with the American guy (sorry but forgot his name) who attended the Gran Festa on our 25th anniversary (1999) on behalf of TPG, who then owned Ducati. His view was basically to ignore any copyright issues as he could see the value in not antagonising his best customers.

We have been running the Ebay shop since Nov 2003, without any problem up until now. Essentially, we have operated under Coburn & Hughes, Ducati Concessionaires, Sports M/C, Moto Cinelli and DUK up until now without causing any of them to take the line that is now being used.

I hope this potted history is of some use.