Corrosion issues Multi 1200s 2017

Hi all, has anyone claimed against corrosion? Not really looked at the warranty so not sure if it’s covered? I bought my bike at the beginning of the year, so had to ride it home in rubbish conditions. I made a point of washing the bike, but was unable to dry it due to the bike being stored away from home.

I work away from home so the bike was left a couple of months… On return, the bike had alot of corrosion and also the engine light was on. Had the bike serviced last week and the exhaust valve is solid, so a new one is ordered. I went to another company here to get acf50 applied, but whilst that was getting done, the guy noticed the front head paint was flaking off! and also bad pitting on the front brake discs, which looks like where the pads have been against the disc. The bike is not even 6 months old! Would this be covered?

Best to speak to dealer, some may be covered, others may not be, I think but only the dealers would know really.

Looks like standard effects of storing in damp and not cleaning off/drying after riding in rubbish weather.

Not sure how you can expect cover against discs getting wet!!!


I will add to what Martyn has said.

Oxidisation is excluded from the warranty as there are many factors that can affect it occurring and therefore it can largely be out of the control of us as a manufacturer. This is the statement in your warranty booklet under exclusions ‘[the warranty does not cover] defects deriving from oxidation or caused by atmospheric agents, extraordinary environmental conditions or circumstances or due to irregular or improper washing of the motorcycle.’

These claims are looked at on a case by case basis with evidence provided by the dealer. My advise would be to take the bike to your dealer and they will have a look, take some evidence and then communicate with our technical adviser to seek goodwill.

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