Hi out there, I’m a newbie from SW scotland who’s had a 60’s Swift in boxes for for too long. :frowning: I am however determined to get her on the road for next summer…wife allowing :neutral_face: I have a friend who has a Cucciolo engine and most bits excluding the frame and wheels. I hadn’t realised it was deep in the Ducati family tree until I googled it! His father died recently and he found it in his garage. He says he wants to put it on Ebay, but I think it might be an opportunity lost. Knowing this guy, he’ll probably just weigh it in. So, spurred on by his visit, I have now registered and wonder if any ‘Ducato’s’ out there know of anyone looking for one? It is a shame to cast valuable pearl to the wind. It may not be worth a real load, but someone might be minus one for a restoration. If you are interested, give me a call and I’ll get some more info, but this is all I know at present. Going to the garage now to evict a few spiders.

Welcome to the Forum, there will be no shortage of takers for the Cucciolo either on Ebay or through the club, if you are able to stop it being scrapped please do.
I have a copy of the owners handbook for the Cucciolo should you need it, it would be great to see it up and running again.
There will also be some info in the club archive relating to the Cucciolo, either myself or Peter Ward should be able to help with that.
All the best.