Damp cold garage

Hi all, my garage is a concrete pre cast one with a corrugated cement sheet roof, I’m looking for suggestions on heating and insulation as I’m fed up of condensation dripping from the roof,cheers John

When I had a similar garage just put sheets of plywoog in rafters with insulation on top. Walls lined with insulated plasterboatd, all helped

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Thanks for your suggestion, I was also wondering if anyone has used spray on foam???

Hi as a builder I would suggest what chesire cat had suggested . I would use celotext , kingspan or equivalent to insulate. If you can get 100mm in the ceiling lined with an osb board,
I may even think of lining the walls with 2x2 studwork then insulate again with at lest 75mm insulation board .
I built a workshop for my son doing speedway , it is constucted of 4x2 and insulated with 100mm insulation board and lined with osb 15mm I think. It has a small electric heater in it and my Ducs are always snuggled up . I went in there this afternoon and was down to a t shirt and sweat shirt in no time .
Osb 15mm will probably cost you about £11 a sheet + vat
100mm insulation is about £35 a sheet + vat .
It will cost you a little but you will get a great workshop. Put a couple of strip lights in paint it nice . Job done .

All great advice and thanks, a trip to the local builders merchant in the near future,