Darmah Choke

I have a 900 Darmah which only has a choke on one carb, and that is not a cable just a lever on the top. This has to be put back to the neutral position once the engine is warm. Is their a cable set up that I can fit? :bulb:

The Darmah’s originally came with a bifurcated choke cable and both carbs had a choke fitted. Your flip up choke is genuine Dellorto part but it was never fitted to the Darmah’s.
Try contacting Andrew Jones a looooong time club member who now owns/runs Mdina Italia, I’m 100% sure he can sort you out with what you need.
Here’s a link to his business:-

Steve R

Thanks Steve, I’ll contact him. Mick

Thanks For the help. All parts on the way. From MDNA.
Next thing I would like help with. Is there anyone in or near North Essex that can repaint the seat mounting it’s Black with Gold lining. :confused: