Darmah engine noise

I’m new to Ducatis, but have owned and worked on Brit bikes and Guzzis for many years.
Bought this 1978 Darmah off a chap, (retired engineer and multiple bike owner,) that was finding it too heavy to move.
Over a period of several years he had rebuilt the engine including new rods and big ends. (I have the ones that came out)
I’ve managed a couple of hundred miles this last month but am concerned about a harsh metallic knocking from the engine that developed after my last ride a week or so ago.
The starter motor has previously been removed (sprag issues) and a full flow oil filter very neatly mounted in it’s place and plumbed in to the end of the crank and heads. So, on the kickstarter there is this metallic clunk just before compression is felt. This happens on both cylinders. Starting the engine very briefly, the clunking is there in time with the engine speed for about 5 or 6 seconds and then it fades. My take on it is that the big end has failed. Has anybody got a simple way to confirm this without taking the whole motor to pieces. Or has anybody any other ideas about what might be wrong.


Had an alternator rotor come loose once however it does sound like the big end presumably the oil pressure increases and removes some of the noise. If not rotor or flywheel easy to check then front cylinder off I suspect ?

       Regards Pod

Thanks for the reply POD666. Took the front head off, and it turned out to be a loose exhaust valve seat and bent inlet valve on the front cylinder. Paul at Ducati Technical Services sorted it out for me. Back up and running again now.


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