Darmah main shaft drama

Hello, It’s my first time on the forum and wondered if anyone could advise me on my 900SD Darmah mainshaft. I have re built a few car engines and recently a Laverda twin but this is my first Ducati.
I have stripped the engine which came with a bike in bits as part of a stalled project as I could see it had some issues. I have sorted a few of them but struggling a bit with this one. The main shaft has some wear on the bearing faces, photos attached.
Would it be possible to get this repaired and any suggestions where or will it need replacing? My other question is does anyone know the correct technique for removing the Durkopp bearings from the gear that goes onto this? Any suggestions or advice very gratefully received. Many thanks.


Think this can be metal sprayed, a company near me used to do it Silvey engineering Saul near Gloucester but suspect that many others do it around the country can always ring me 07788510474 Pod ( Hengis)

Is it a blind bearing in a recess ? Three ways internal bearing puller, destroy the inner ie break the cage remove balls your left with the outer race? Short bit of arc weld ie 8 to 10mm race will fall out. If plain bearing ie bush thick grease and well fitting drift in bore, clout with hammer bush jumps out ( hydraulics)

Hi Pod, many thanks for the advice. I’ll try what you suggest on the bearings, sounds like a good plan. I gave Silvey engineering a call but unfortunatly the metal spraying isn’t suitable for bearing surfaces apparently. I might see if I can get it sleeved and the cost compared to a used replacement.
Again, many thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated.