Darmah SD Steering Damper...

helloooo… looks a bit quiet in here but hopefully someone can give me some pointers…

I aquired a Darmah SD at the end of last year… it hasnt got the steering damper fitted, and I’ve not had a chance to ride it properly either, so just wondering what peoples thoughts are - is the damper a neccesity or just a bit of a 70’s fashion thing (like it was on my Le mans :slight_smile: )


Hello Neil.
My Darmah SD came with a steering damper, I stuck it out for a few weeks before taking it off and leaving it in a mates garage as we were off on a trip, I got it back about 15 years later when he was having a clear-out, it’s now been in my garage for 13 years!
I found it made the steering heavy and just didn’t need to be fitted in the first place.
I’ve been riding mine ‘undampered’ for 28 years

cheers, so sounds like i probably dont have to worry too much then! :slight_smile:

I have has 900SS since 1979, never use the damper, tend to find people think it is funny to screw it down tight though. Nice you got a proper Ducati. Stands back and waits. Touch paper lit.

No I wouldn’t re-fit mine, now 70’s Kawasakis on the other hand… I once had a 1978 KH400… THAT needed a steering damper! :smiley:

What type of oil do you use Steve!.. :astonished:

Noooo not oil !!!