Darmah...the only carbon fibre here is down the zosts


Very tidy. Puts my SSD to shame.
Almost make me want to get the polish out (but only almost).



Thanks Roger.
Dont feel bad, it won’t stay like this for long, I’m just too idle :slight_smile:

hmmmmmmmm, luvverly. but you allready know i like it :smiley: . still dont know why you never came camping on it last weekend, was it because it persisisted down ALL the way home :cry:

No, it really was because the new K&N’s hadn’t arrived, but they’re here now so watch out…I was gald to be on the Monster last week though, it’s already dirty beyond cleaning up. :cry:

like it …a lot really nice bike.

I’m interested in that clutch conversion. Tell us more?

Does it make it lighter? Is it just a hydraulic conversion or have you fitted one of those fancy V2 clutch conversions.

Prey do tell, My left hand is getting bigger than my right!

He got the idea from me Keith.
Might I suggest that you wank more, it solve your imbalance problem!

Steve R Home of the highly modified bevel.

How could it not? :laughing:


Real men leave there clutch as designed, whimps

Only jealous.

Steve R (breed us tough up here not like light weights down south)

Just a little story about the heavy clutch on the old bevels…
Many years ago when my old bike was new a mate had one at the same time, now this guy was as hard as nails and fought in the ABA Finals as a middleweight.
We took our matching bikes for a Saturday afternoon blast of around 200 miles, at around 150 miles out he suddenly stopped put the bike on the stand and threw himself on the floor holding his left wrist.
When I parked up and walked back I asked him what was wrong?
He replied “That f*cking clutch is so heavy, see if you can kick some sense into to me Steve, I must be mad buying a bike with a clutch like that”.
A year or two later I rode my bevel over the Alps with all the hairpin bends, my left wrist pumped up so much that I could no longer squeeze the clutch lever and had to resort to pulling the lever in ‘Strait arm style’, it was then that I decided to design my own hydraulic lifting system using what was available at the time.
I used a Honda slave unit from a VF750, made up a plate to replace the old cable operated front sprocket cover to mount it on, got hold of the last AP Lockheed alloy mastercylinder which had been made for drag racers and had a longer bullet pushrod made up to my drawing…
The result was the lightest bevel clutch that I’ve ever used and it’s been in use for over 25 years now with no problems in what must be getting on for 100,000 miles.
It hasn’t even needed the seals replaced in all those miles/years!
Over the years many bevel owners have admired my set up, but Kevin is the 1st guy that I’ve met who actually set about making his own.

Steve R Southern version
( we don’t worry about being hard we just find ways of making things work better/easier to use!)

PS. Steve R Northeren…
This mod can be carried out without making any permanent changes to your bike, it’s very easy to remove and return your bike to standard should you wish.

Unlike shortening your rear indicator stem eh? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Well I actually Shamelessly stole the idea (actually he gave me a spare plate which I didn’t use in the end) from a mate of mine in Dudley who did this to his Darmah years ago, but he did use different master and slave cylinders, I just improved it, I think?
It’s still working well, but my career as a Hellboy lookalike has collapsed

I always thought other bods were just being wimps when they complained that Duc clutches are ‘heavy’ - mind, I do have a little bit of bionic help in me left wrist :laughing:

Well Keef, are you sitting comfortably…then I’ll begin…long ago, In a Galaxy far, far away…roll credits etc…

As I said in the other post, I had been given an 1/2" alloy plate by a mate who have done this years ago, it was drilled for a Honda VFR slave cylinder.

This had sat in my garage for a year of so.
As my clutch cable all but snapped on the way to the Le Havre ferry last year I decided it was time to do something about it, especially as Paul at DTS was going to re-build my engine over the winter.

So I got a second-hand VFR cylinder from Ebay and then decided, not the get a old round style PS15 Brembo clutch master, but to go with a new set of Brembo PS16 square masters as my old brake master was getting knackered anyway.

I worked out the pushrod length which was 63mm and measured the throw on the clutch pushrod ie how much movement the standard set-up gave, which was about 2.0 – 2.5mm
All that was then needed was a longer final pushrod bullet, (another mate make this up for me from a bit of silver steel), and a long Goodridge hose which I got from John at Mdina, he sent me a build a line hose with 2 x 45 deg banjos which worked out well as I couldn’t work out the correct angles on each end, these just nip up at the corect ange, brilliant!

So with all the bits assembled, I excitedly put it all together (bear with me I building the tension), bled it, and pulled the lever…bugger, only about 1.0mm of movement, and as you know the standard set-up drags when it hot, so 1mm was no good at all, I then realised the reson for the reduced movement was because that the old PS15’s piston diameter is about 15/16mm and the new PS16 must be something like 13mm which was why I was only getting the reduced movement with the 30mm diameter VFR unit, (is it Boyles law or one of Hooke’s?) then in a flash of inspiration I took the V2 slave off my Monster which is 27mm diameter, lashed it up with sone packers and lo…. there was 2.0mm – 2.5mm of movement!

But, OH NO :astonished: ….the ally plate had a hole and drillings nowhere near the ones on the V2 slave, curses… :imp:
So, …and this is the bit that’s as cunning as a fox, stoat etc… :bulb: I got the ally plate and scanned it on a flatbed scanner imported the jpg into AutoCad and with a bit of help from my mate at work, drew round the outline and fixing holes, then after finding the centre of the hole for the slave I overlaid the hole and fixings for the new V2 slave.
I then had 3 plates (minimum order qty) laser cut from 10mm stainless, drilled and tapped the slave fixings, polished it 'till I was bored, (not very long) and fitted it together, it works like a dream, it’s about half the pull of the standard set-up , and the front brakes are much better too with the new master.

Now done 2000+ miles, seems to get less clutch drag than before.

As I mentioned above, I have 2 spare plates if anyone wants one, it will need drilling & tapping 6mm, and sanding & polishing but that’s it, they cost me £25 each and they weigh about 1.5kg, but there is no movement at all, where there was a bit with the ally plate.

Be seeing you. Kevin. :mrgreen:

Ouch, that looks like a serious bit of meccano

A very simple clutch conversion that really works, costs no money, needs no tools and can be completed in under a minute. Loosen off your clutch cable so that you need to pull the lever closer to the bars before the clutch disengages. That’s it, nothing else. How does it work? Simple, it’s nothing to do with your clutch but with the physiology of your hand. The less extended your fingers are the stronger your grip. Of course, frantic masturbation over a period of time may well increase your grip but you’d have to be particularly enthusiastic and energetic to achieve the same results within a minute! :open_mouth:

Now where’s my back copy of Parade with those pictures of Jean Harlow’s ankles? :wink:

Pah that looks nasty but you’re just a beginner Wilbert…
At this years TT the Port Erin crew had a new member, John Sandercock from Cornwall (Although he now lives in Devon, England) John had had a very nasty accident on a bike years ago resulting in chronic pain for many years
He’s had his spine operated on and electric implants fitted top and bottom, he now carries a remote control similar to the TV buttons with which he can turn up the pain relief.
The make clearly marked on the remote is I kid you not…
Apparently he was awake throughout the operation and a chap came in a plugged him into a laptop to fine tune the device before they closed him up.
He is the DOC GB’s own genuine Bionic man!
John who rides either one of his two 750 Paso’s or his 916SP and says that his new electronic kit is wonderful!

Steve R (South)

My mum had a defibrillator fitted last year. Since then, every time she did any physical work or became stressed she seemed to become drunk and have short term memory loss - not very nice. The hospital cured it by pointing the remote control at her and turning up her heartbeat. Since then I’m sure I’ve seen me dad trying the same trick with the TV remote… :slight_smile:

Steve - Cool …a remote control that works on pain … d’yer think Wossi will demand Yamamaha / fit him with one for when Casey retains the No. 1 plate :laughing:

…as for heartbeat - I can make me missus blood pressure rise just by looking at timetables for next years TT, and covering up her ‘Wickes Kitchens’ brochures, blatently placed on the dining table for me to find, with a spare cylinder head and some oily rags … mind, I’m not sure turning that Beetrooty colour is good for her :laughing: