Darmah wiring. simple question ?

Hi, I have a darmah that I have been refitting the original loom to. I think I’m nearly there but as you will quickly gather, I’m not too hot on the electrical side of things and therefore have a couple of wires “left over”-

  1. The red wire with a loop connector that goes straight to the battery area and looks like it once connected to the positive terminal (pics 1 and 2), any ideas where the loop end goes ?
  2. the blue wire with the female spade connector which comes from the central connector block ?
  3. the black wire which is connected to the blue and green wire , both loop ended that come out of the connector block, do these just go to earth on the frame ?
    Looking at the online wiring diagram it looks as if the reg/ rec needs to be earthed. Can I just run a new wire to the earth terminal of the battery ?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone is able to give, it’s much appreciated.

I can’t seem to add the photos, I will try again later- obviously no one can help until they can see the shots. Apologies.

Hello gavadava.
I should be able to help, but to add the photos you need to click the 'place in line ’ button too.