Data to Italy

Hello all
This does now not need to happen, any Ducati owner that wants their pin badge and patch logs into the italian site and it gets sent to you, that is where the data is collected from and where the privacy statement is signed or clicked, big changes still afoot and in the near future you are not joined into the club if you buy a new bike, you will join your official club, should do well for membership.

Sounds interesting. This obviously raises many questions which I know we wont get answers to yet. First two that spring to mind are

1 How would Ducati choose which club, DSC or DOC GB
2 Who pays?

[size=150]How do they know if you own a Ducati or someone who just wants a badge?
Who is the official club?
If your not a member of a club already how would you know about it?
What do Ducati get out of it?[/size]

Anyone know the outcome of the DSC audit? That might have a bearing on the ‘official’ club … :wink:

Again the mechanics are being worked out, I know that they do not need infor off us and to get your badge you register with the factory, less for us to do, they want to take away free membership of ddoc and ensure proper clubs survive

That’ll be interesting to see … :unamused:

Presumably we will be kept informed and able to pass the news on to the membership?

I have forwarded the instruction to Graham, more to follow I hope !!

What instruction? And ‘more’ :confused:

Just something from the club office, it just says members to log in to receive their DOC gifts.