Dating Certificate 916 senna

hi there can anyone help me with getting a Dating Certificate for a 961 senna, I have had the bike insured and has a current MOT but need a cert to get the age related plate, not sure how to go about this.

regards Kerry

The club does do this, what plate is on it at the moment ??

hello Martyn,

it has been in storage for 20 years and came with the plate 916 SEN but this was used as show purpose.
I have spoke to a ducati dealer and they have sent me a pic of the warranty from when it was sold in 1995.

also I have a letter from the museum that had this in storage.

can I post the letter and vin no on here safely ??.


Which country was it sold in and do you know how it lost it’s reg number ??

hi there,
the ducati dealer has told me it was sold in Glasgow but they have no log of the reg no, only the name of the first owner and the dealership where it was sold from is no more, im guessing it can only of had 2 owners the first one and the lady that bought it for the Conran museum exhibition.
below is a copy of the letter that came with it from the museum.

The bike was manufactured on 19 June 1995, and subsequently purchased by graphic designer Janice Kirkpatrick from a Ducati dealership.

In 1996, the bike was sold to the Conran Foundation for the purpose of display at the Design Museum (the name of the exhibition was Conran Foundation Collection 1996 : Janice Kirkpatrick ). Following the close of the exhibition in early 1997, the motorbike was returned to the Conran Foundation’s storage facility. It has not been used since then, and has been in store for the best part of twenty years.

In 2017, the Conran Foundation gave the Design Museum dispensation to sell or dispose of the motorbike as it deemed appropriate.


I think the way forward is e mail Pete, his e mail address is on website under club officers, he looks after dating certificates for the club, this is an unusual one though, I hope you have all documentation, I think the most important will be the certificate of conformity

will do thankyou for your time and advice Martyn.

Regards Kerry

hi martyn, not sure if i have the corect email for pete, could you forward it to me please,
regards kerry