DAYS of JOY: an awesome Ducati Scrambler Experience full of bikes and fun

DAYS of JOY: an awesome Ducati Scrambler Experience full of bikes and fun

Flat track courses, riding school, outdoor activities and relaxation immersed in nature
The event is being held in the countryside of the province of Pavia and the Romagna Riviera
Four dates between May and September, with a special event in July at WDW2016

Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 1 March 2016 - The slogan "Ride, fun ‘n’ food " is here to announce the Ducati Scrambler DAYS of JOY. Four opportunities to explore the Ducati Scrambler world, with road and off-road riding experiences, cookery courses, outdoor activities and pure relaxation. This full immersion experience in the Ducati Scrambler world will take place on 7 May, 19 June, 1 July and 3 September 2016.

The DAYS of JOY are a Ducati Scrambler initiative organised in collaboration with the magazine Due Ruote and will take place in Vairano, in the province of Pavia, at the “Vairano Country House” estate and on the beautiful surrounding roads. Four events dedicated to the Ducati Scrambler Experience, with a rich selection of activities, fun and, of course, bikes. These include three intense days exploring the Pavia countryside, in addition to a special date on the Romagna Riviera during the World Ducati Week 2016.

The DAYS of JOY have been created both for expert riders and for those who are still to pass their rider’s licence, for those who come alone and also for those who bring the whole family along. During the DAYS of JOY there will be activities for everyone, from flat track courses to test rides on the roads which take you through the hills and countryside. But it isn’t just bikes - the DAYS of JOY also offer climbing and archery lessons, cookery courses and pure and simple relaxation.

The events on 7 May, 19 June and 3 September 2016 will be held in Vairano, while on 1 July the DAYS of JOY will be in Misano for the World Ducati Week 2016, the major gathering for Ducati fans, which coincides this year with Ducati’s 90th anniversary celebrations. Ducati Scrambler will bring its innovative and fun Flat Track School to the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit where the exciting Ducati event will take place.

A wide choice of activities will help participants make the most of the DAYS OF JOY:

Flat Track School - For those who dream of learning about drifting on dirt tracks in complete safety, the flat track school will be present with expert instructors and professional riders during the DAYS of JOY.

Riding school - Intended for new riders or for those who haven’t yet obtained a motorcycle licence, the Riding School will provide an introduction to the magical world of Ducati Scrambler. With the help of experienced instructors from Due Ruote, the first riding experience will be made easy in the Land of Joy with the new Scrambler Sixty2 400cc, perfect for learners.

Ducati Scrambler Test Ride - Experienced riders can enjoy free test rides during the DAYS of JOY thanks to local dealerships. Indeed, each day there will be several opportunities to try the bike of your choice from the Ducati Scrambler range, including the new models Sixty2 and Flat Track Pro. A fun and interesting experience to try out the Ducati Scrambler range on the road, coordinated and led by technical director Beppe Gualini, professional rider but also an expert organiser, who has taken part in the Paris Dakar and the Camel Trophy.

Additional activities - The Ducati Scrambler Experience also includes many additional activities as the DAYS of JOY are designed for the whole family and lots of friends. There are Cookery Classes with Chef Stefano Caffari of The Silver Spoon, the Italian cookbook par excellence since 1950. Then there is the Climbing class, with instructors and all the necessary equipment to learn on a climbing wall, manoeuvring between grips and carabiners. During the DAYS of JOY you can also have a go at Archery, or take part in a mechanical Maintenance course, where starting from the basics, you can learn or perfect the art of servicing your own bike. And don’t forget all the opportunities to relax during the DAYS of JOY: lunch at the “Vairano Club House” is just the place to set up a barbecue and enjoy delicious grilled food together. There’s even the Ducati Scrambler Chill Area, a total relaxation area with deckchairs and umbrellas, foosball, music, ice-cream and free WiFi.

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