Dennis the Menace fan club.

Great picture, looked like a lot of fun, weather great this year.

Lovely depth of field, shame about the in focus bit! :smiley:
Was it the best one ever for weather, it looked like it?
I went in 1987, we spent more time on the tram between Douglas and Ramsey than on the bikes… it rained a bit that year. :cry:
We went to Ramsey to see the sprit, we heard it, as we ran sheltering for cover between the tram and the pub, and again on the way back between the pub and the tram, it rained a bit that year. :cry:

The weather was a bit unpredictable practice week until the Thursday and then it changed. It was sunny every day and around 20 degrees :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

Definitely the best weather for a TT for a while.

Fab pic! Pleased to hear that the weather was kind to all during race week - it makes the IoM even better! :slight_smile: