Desmo 181

Change of copy date for Desmo 181 - it’s now 14th November as I’m off to Milan for the bike show this weekend :wink: can’t wait to see the new Ducatis in the flesh :sunglasses:
Could do with report of Stafford Show, and the next part of the Bol D’Or trip …

Will do Stafford now date has been moved. Any chance of pictures being in colour and larger than the thumb print ones.


I think Spagg has the best photos of Stafford, I’ve ask him to send them to me but no reply yet…

yeah id like to see those :smiley:

yes, photos asap please :slight_smile: Size of photos in Desmo depends on quality and quantity

Spaggy hasn’t got the ones of the social events on the campsite as yet. I have some very interesting ones which people will be keen to see, I am open to offers not to produce evidence of the child like behaviour which members of the Ducati Owners club lower themselves to when being allowed to express there inner most baby instink. If any of me are knocking about I am willing to trade. Shame we missed Kevin Baker’s leaving escapade on his way to bed.

All the one’s I took of the weekends escapades are here if you want any of them.

Thanks Kevin, are you able to put them on to a cd and send to me this week please? :slight_smile: It just makes it easier for me when making up the mag.

Yes OK can do, PM me your address, or is it in Desmo?

Address is in ‘Desmo’ :wink:

Look forward to receiving the photos :sunglasses:

CD burned, and it’ll be in the post tomorrow

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kevin, cd arrived today :slight_smile:

Did anyone write about the Dales Dash? Would be good to have an article and pics about that too - after all there was a page ad for it in Desmo! :unamused:

Please can everyone remember that if they are sending more than one photo to either reduce the size so that it’s easier to send, or (better still!) send photos on a cd. :slight_smile:
Currently, someone has been trying to send me large file of photos, they have jammed up my incoming mail (from last night on wards!) so I’m not a happy person :frowning:
Thank you for your help …