Desmo 181

Message for Martyn and Frank!
Please could you let Mike at The Printed Word know today / asap the quantity of Desmo 181 to print? He will also need the mailing list later this week. (TPW will be closing on the 24th til 2nd Janaury for the Christmas / New Year vacation, so we need to get the mag in the post before Christmas!)
I have emailed you both (last night) and sent Martyn a text so hopefully you’ll have spoken to Mike already!! :slight_smile:
Many thanks,

left him an e-mail re quantity, some more to do tonight and he will have the list tomorrow.

That’s excellent, Martyn, members should get their copy of Desmo 181 next week then.

Martyn and Frank - Mike at TPW is still waiting for the mailing list for Desmo 181, it really is urgent if we are to get Desmo 182 in the post this year … TPW will be shut from 24th Dec to 5th January.

Thank you, Martyn, now arrived ok!!!

No problem, I go a mail from Mike but because its on my laptop it had to be done from work, all done though.