Desmo 186


Copy date for Desmo 186 was 24th August as I would like to get as much done as possible before my holiday next month.

Although I have emailed everyone concerned and notified all of my new email address I am still waiting for the following:

articles ‘promised’ by Spaggy, Martyn, and Graham;

branch update and branch reports;

update on commercial advertising;

discounts update;

events update - I think the provisional calenders for MotoGP, WSB and BSB are now available (Fred, just let me know if you want me to put those put in, I know you are just about to go into hospital so you have other thoughts on your mind!);

BMF and MAG reports;

Panigale Parts.

Please can I have the articles / items asap, otherwise the production of Desmo 186 will be delayed by a couple of weeks.

Jilly :slight_smile:

update - have got the branch updates from Ian R, but where’s the rest of the articles? branch reports? MAG ? BMF? advertising updates? :astonished: