Desmo 204

Just a gentle reminder that copy for Desmo 204 should be with me this week. Thanks :laughing:

All wil be there !!


Hi Jilly,
Could you please inc’ my Obit’ for Bob Palmer in the next Desmo?
It would meen a lot to me, his friends/inform those who don’t know and his family.
Anyone who attended the DOCGB Northern Rally, Southern Rally, Merlin Rally, WDW, Guzzi Clubs V Twin Rally etc in the last 10-20 years would have met Bob at some time.
He was the best Man at my wedding and at least one other Clubs members wedding that I know of?

I own his 851/888 Special, another friend owns his 916SPS and his daughter Nikky (“Big Un”) now owns his 950cc NCR rep’, which Swampy and I will probably recommision as it’s stood for some time throughout Bob’s illness, Nikky’s a former Honda Fireblade owner and like her Father loves her motorcycles.

Steve R

PS. I bumped into Andy Callingham* at a recent VJMCC event, he’s still riding bikes and is still a complete “STAR” in the SW Motorcycle enthusiast comunity,
but all those road and racing accidents are now sadly taking their toll on him.

  • As I’m sure you’ll recall Andy ran the SW Branch of the DOCGB for many years along with the IMOC, VJMCC branches and was the Editor of the MV Owners club mag’.

Of course, Steve, I’ll include that for you (as in my previous message), it would be a privilege to do so. Do you have a pic of Bob and his bike that you could email me? Ta.
I’m so pleased to hear that Andy C is still around, I miss his branch reports and info, always a pleasure to read. Whilst in Cornwall last week I went to the branch meeting at Zelah, I did wonder if you might’ve been there, but I seem to remember it’s quite a ride-out from where you live.