Desmo Dates 2013


It would be good to start thinking of the above for 2013. I would like to get them on the website as soon as possible.

If anybody has any dates - confirmed or provisional can they let me have them please.

Is there a reason for having the Southern & Northern Rallies so close together as they are in 2012? Is this normal? This must surely prevent some from attending both. I also noted that there is nothing in April could one of these be moved to spread them out a bit? If there are valid, long standing, reasons for this please ignore my ignorance.


The Severn Valley Rally 2013 will be 10th-13th May, which is the weekend after the Mayday bank holiday as usual.

The reason the Norther is so close to the Southenr this year is due to the race course, there are events on when Adie would have staged it.


Horsham Piazza Italia will be on Good Friday, 29th March 2013